Making carbon-free Bitcoin mining the new normal.

Not all Bitcoin is created equal. While the cryptocurrency itself is fungible, when it comes to energy and climate, the impacts of mining vary widely across regions and operators.

Today climate-conscious operators are showing how Bitcoin mining can contribute to, not hinder, energy sector decarbonization. But without a unified definition of sustainable mining and a shared framework for assessing and showcasing miners’ credentials, there’s no way to differentiate between leaders and laggards–so the Bitcoin industry as a whole suffers.

GP4BTC is a solution to bring consistent metrics and much-needed transparency into the climate impacts of Bitcoin mining so industry stakeholders can make better decisions to align with a net-zero future.

The GP4BTC certification platform and registry spotlights how climate-conscious miners contribute to grid decarbonization through purchasing renewable energy, locating mining operations in low-carbon grids, and participating in demand flexibility programs.

Evaluating sustainability through clear and consistent metrics.

In the absence of established standards, comparing assorted sustainability claims across companies and regions is onerous.   

GP4BTC assesses miners via a Clean Energy Score and a Grid Impact Score. These metrics reflect miners’ procurement of renewable electricity and contributions to grid stability through demand flexibility. The scores align with ESG reporting in other sectors, and were developed in partnership with multiple global NGOs, and dozens of miners and crypto market participants. 
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Expanding access to credible data.

Discovering and validating miners’ sustainability credentials today is inefficient at best and impossible at worst.

GP4BTC gives BTC stakeholders unparalleled transparency into the energy footprints of multiple mining companies through a single registry. GP4BTC makes it easy for counterparties to access and verify miners’ proof of good work.
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How It Works:

Green Proofs for Bitcoin is a first-of-its-kind initiative to showcase Bitcoin miners taking action on climate goals. By delivering transparency and consistent metrics, we drive ROI for companies mining sustainably, creating a virtuous cycle where clean mining is easier to define, pursue, and monetize. Our goal is to make sustainable Bitcoin mining ubiquitous and to make the Bitcoin industry an accelerator of the clean energy transition.
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