When it comes to sustainability, how can Bitcoin separate the signal from the noise?

Like all energy-intensive industries, Bitcoin mining is scrutinized for its climate impact. Yet climate-conscious miners exist and recognize the imperative to align their operations with a net-zero future.

Today leading Bitcoin miners are pursuing strategies to reduce their carbon footprints while contributing to overall grid decarbonization. But Bitcoin lacks a shared framework for assessing and verifying miners’ sustainability practices. Without this, sustainable miners face headwinds demonstrating their climate leadership and pursuing commercial opportunities with ESG-minded partners. And the Bitcoin industry struggles to respond to criticisms about its environmental impacts in a meaningful, data-driven way.
Green Proofs for Bitcoin is a first-of-its-kind initiative to showcase Bitcoin miners taking action on climate goals. By delivering transparency and consistent metrics, we drive ROI for companies mining sustainably, creating a virtuous cycle where clean mining is easier to define, pursue, and monetize. Our goal is to make sustainable Bitcoin mining ubiquitous and to make the Bitcoin industry an accelerator of the clean energy transition.
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