Making sustainable bitcoin attainable.

GP4BTC is your one-stop-shop for discovering, validating, and comparing the sustainability credentials of mining companies to make more informed commercial decisions. Now your company’s crypto initiatives can both advance your own ESG objectives and support a low-carbon Bitcoin transition. 

Cut through the noise

Compare accurate and consistent sustainability metrics side-by-side so you an identity miners and hosting companies who are bona fide climate leaders

Stand out from the crowd

Create differentiated sustainable BTC offerings for your customers. 

Cultivate partnerships

Identify and engage sustainable miners based on objective criteria. 

Who is it for?

Financial Services Providers

Payment processors, exchanges, and other organizations who facilitate bitcoin transactions can use Green Proofs for Bitcoin to form strategic partnerships or differentiated service offerings with sustainable miners, and ensure their adoption of BTC unfolds in a climate-responsible way.

Institutional Investors

Organizations seeking to invest in sustainable bitcoin mining can find new opportunities, and monitor climate impacts on an ongoing basis. 

Crypto Innovators

Forward-thinking companies can reference Green Proofs for Bitcoin registry data to develop proprietary applications, products, and services that can tap into latent demand for sustainable bitcoin. 


Governmental entities responsible for overseeing crypto regulations can use GP4BTC to help make informed and effective decisions to mitigate bitcoin’s climate impacts while promoting responsible innovation.

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Green Proofs for Bitcoin is a first-of-its-kind initiative to showcase Bitcoin miners taking action on climate goals. By delivering transparency and consistent metrics, we drive ROI for companies mining sustainably, creating a virtuous cycle where clean mining is easier to define, pursue, and monetize. Our goal is to make sustainable Bitcoin mining ubiquitous and to make the Bitcoin industry an accelerator of the clean energy transition.
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