Show what you’re made of.

Leading bitcoin miners already know that reducing their carbon footprint is both a climate imperative and a strategic advantage. But until now the mining industry has lacked a cohesive framework that enables miners to translate sustainable practices into commercial opportunities at scale. 

Green Proofs for Bitcoin gives climate-conscious mining companies a simple, secure way to share sustainability credentials with the world so they can generate ROI from clean energy practices and help shift the narrative on BTC mining. 

Showcase your climate leadership

Translate your sustainability practices into recognizable credentials that are based on objective, standardized metrics.

Establish a competitive advantage

Unlock business opportunities with counterparties who wish to differentiate between suppliers based on ESG criteria.

Protect your data

GP4BTC leverages Energy Web's open-source self-sovereign technology stack, which lets miners securely share as much or as little operational data and associated credentials as they wish with third party verifiers and business counterparties - while retaining full ownership and control of that data.

GP4BTC certification recognizes miners and hosting companies that site operations in clean grids, procure renewable electricity, and contribute to grid stability via demand response programs.

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Green Proofs for Bitcoin is a first-of-its-kind initiative to showcase Bitcoin miners taking action on climate goals. By delivering transparency and consistent metrics, we drive ROI for companies mining sustainably, creating a virtuous cycle where clean mining is easier to define, pursue, and monetize. Our goal is to make sustainable Bitcoin mining ubiquitous and to make the Bitcoin industry an accelerator of the clean energy transition.
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